“The Last Time I Lied” by Riley Sager Review & Discussion // Summer camp should be fun, right?

After reading Riley Sager’s book “Lock Every Door” last year and LOVING the intensity and the craziness of it, I was really looking forward to reading his other books. Especially after reading reviews for “Lock Every Door” where people said that it was the worst out of all of his books. Damn, if that’s the worst and it was THAT GOOD, I can’t wait to read what the BEST is.

The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager

This book begins in the present day – where our protagonist Emma Davis is at her opening night for her first gallery. Her paintings consists of scenes from a forest – with trees, leaves, and branches. Each of the paintings holds a secret inside – 3 girls are buried underneath the foliage and trunks. At the gallery’s opening one of the patrons is someone she never expected to see, someone she knew from 15 years ago – Franny Harris-White, the owner of Camp Nightingale. Who comes to invite Emma back.

The book jumps back and forth from the past (15 years ago) when Emma first attended Camp Nightingale to the present where she goes back to Camp Nightingale to find closure. We learn about what information she unfurls that could possibly lead her to what happened to her friends.


This book honestly did not start getting exciting to me until about 50% of the way in. I understand that it is important to really set up all of the information but it took me awhile to get into it. Whereas with “Lock Every Door” I felt like I was enthralled from the beginning but it only got BETTER as it neared the end.

There was a good twist at the end of this book I will admit and this book gave me shivers a couple of times. If you’re looking for a creepy book then it is pretty good. But to me, I preferred “Lock Every Door” more than this one.

What are your opinions? Have you read this book? Have you read Riley Sager’s other books? Let me know in the comments below!

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