After We Collided Review & Discussion

In the beginning of this year (or maybe late last year) I kept hearing about the “After” series by Anna Todd. On facebook I would see a lot of people recommending the series to people who enjoy Colleen Hoover books so I decided to give it a try

After being emotionally spent from reading it back in January, I finally read the 2nd book “After We Collided” this month.

Since “After” left on such a cliffhanger, I was really itching to figure out what happens next. Reading the goodreads comments about the book started to discourage me because they were saying it’s just another book of back and forth between Tessa and Hardin. But I guess I was in the mood to read some juicy drama so I decided to go for it anyways.

The best way for me to describe this series, is that it’s like a car wreck on the side of the road that you’re driving by when you know you should continue to look forward, but you can’t help but take a peak.

Unfortunately, love doesn’t always go hand. in hand with common sense.

Page 106, After We Collided


So of course I knew Tessa would take Hardin back even though he did something completely unforgiving in my eyes.

And the whole book was basically Tessa and Hardin breaking up and getting back together DAILY.

Until they were apart for awhile – and then Tessa started hanging out with Zed.

Honestly, I liked Zed more than Hardin from the beginning. Especially when he gave Tessa some advice she should have followed:

“It’s not supposed to be so complicated, you know?”
“What?” I ask him and follow him to sit at a card table. in the kitchen.
“Love, relationships, all that. It doesn’t have to be so hard.”

Page 332, After We Collided

Until the book said this…

I try to ignore the fact that his bed doesn’t have a sheet on it. He’s a college boy after all

Page 479, After We Collided

Like alright Tessa get away from these boys and learn what a MAN is…

So I finished the book and of course it left off on another cliffhanger. This book was really long though (over 600 pages!!) and the next one is over 800 pages so I am definitely going to need another break until I’m ready for book #3.

Anna Todd is an excellent author who keeps you engaged in the story. But the story could be shortened probably into 1/3 of the entire series. Maybe I will feel different after the 3rd book 🤷‍♀️

Have you read the “After” series? How did you feel about it?

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