Wild at Heart Review and Discussion

I finally had the opportunity to read one of my most anticipated reads this year!

**WARNING: There are DEFINITELY spoilers from the 1st book – The Simple Wild and this book**

Wild at Heart (2 The Simple Wild) by K. A. Tucker

After reading all of the reviews on goodreads claiming that this sequel was everything they wished for after the first book, I was really eager to read it. I loved the first book – with the whirlwind of Calla reconnecting with her father and falling for Jonah.

This book is a continued with Calla moving to Alaska to start her life with Jonah. It starts off on the wrong foot with her flight to Bangor from Anchorage getting cancelled and having to spend a night in a hotel that was owned by a taxidermist.

While I enjoyed the story and being in Calla and Jonah’s world again – I was really bothered by how the communication and understanding in their relationship seemed very immature.

The people who gawk at that photo and read my loving, playful caption don’t know any of this. They have no idea that there’s an inexplicably odd, hollow feeling blossoming in the pit of my stomach as of late; I’m trying my best to be understanding and supportive, but I’m struggling because I like having him around, because I miss him so damn much when he’s not here.

Page 253, Wild at Heart

Jonah and Calla’s disconnect starts when they are looking for places to live. Calla’s parents encourage her to rent with Jonah first because you never know what may happen in a new relationship while Jonah is adamant on buying. Previously Jonah said that if she moved to Alaska, then he would look into moving closer to Anchorage to compromise. So – Calla is looking at places around Anchorage and Jonah isn’t into it. This already showed me that they have a communication problem and they aren’t able to voice their opinions and concerns with each other – so Jonah just brings her to a cabin that his acquaintance is selling as a SURPRISE – this is where I want to live in the middle of nowhere with my airstrip!

Yet throughout the story, Jonah and Calla both continually say they their relationship is so perfect and life is so perfect right now on one page, then on the next they are in another argument again. This happened multiple times throughout the book.

Also, Calla experienced quite a bit of jealousy about Marie this book and honestly, that is not a good look for her. Despite Calla continually saying “I don’t trust Marie but I trust Jonah” – I think all of the scenes of her jealousy show that she doesn’t trust either of them. Especially after she caught Jonah talking to her in the barn. If Calla was more mature, she should have had a civil talk to Marie instead of just embarrassing her at the bar.

Despite these shortcomings with Jonah and Calla’s relationship, there were some really cute moments between them. I also liked following their lives, moving into their new house, and developing relationships with the other people in town.

What would have made this book better was truly seeing Calla find her niche in Alaska. She kind of did with gardening but we didn’t really see her passion. Maybe if there is a third book this is what will be focused on? Regardless, I would still continue with this series if another book is released.

“Probably not.” Jonah likes to ride this thing at full throttle. As with everything he does in life, it seems. But that’s who he is. He’ll always be wild at heart, and there is no way to tame or change him

Page 417, Wild at Heart

Did you have the opportunity to read this sequel? What were your opinions on it?

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