February Reading Roundup & Life Updates

I’m sick of starting each post with “I know I have been bad with posting….” so I’m not going to do that today and just get on with it 😊

February Life Updates

  • Celebrated by fiance’s birthday ❤️
  • I started to make vision boards for books on WeHeartIt for fun!
  • Volunteered to perform foot screenings on people that are homeless or are going through a hard time at “Don’t Walk By”
  • Travelled to San Antonio for ACFAS 2020 conference – had a lot of fun and learned a lot.
  • Booked and planned a trip to Ireland next month!
  • Started organizing my life with an app called “Notion” that I may talk about on here in the future!
  • Ended the month with going to Find Your Harmony 200 and seeing my favorite DJs – Andrew Rayel & Alpha 9!


  • Read 10 Books
  • 🎧 4 audiobooks
  • 1 ARC

This book was probably my favorite book in the “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” series, until the ending happened. After reading To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before with the subtle asian book club – I knew I had to continue and finish the series!
**Spoiler** I loved all the scenes with Lara Jean and John Ambrose McClaren. I loved that Stormy was his grandma. If Lara Jean ended up with John instead of Peter I would have been much happier. I didn’t really care for Peter in the beginning because of him still being involved with Genevieve. ESPECIALLY after he already knew that Gen leaked the video of them in the hot tub?? Come on. I really got sick of him through this book and knew that Lara Jean deserved better. Check out the mood board I made for this book.

I have been meaning to start this series and I am so glad I did this month! It feels like a more adult, more well put together, more sexy “Twilight” series and that makes my heart happy. I love the passion when a vampire finds their mate and it is mixed in with some humor and light-heartedness.

Too Late by Colleen Hoover

You already know how much I love Colleen Hoover books – that’s why I have been trying to space them out and enjoy them that way. This book is definitely more dark than others she wrote but with the way she writes – you can feel the characters pain going through the situations they are put in. This book is definitely not for the faint of heart but if you want to feel like you’ve got punched in the gut with an excellent ending, I definitely recommend!

I’m glad I got to read the ending of this wonderful series! My only complaint would be that this book felt very long (being over 800 pages). I listened to it as an audiobook so it helped me get through it! There is so many storylines and subplots which keeps the book interesting. I definitely recommend this whole series!

This book was probably my least favorite out of the 3 but it was still good!

**Spoiler** I liked the turmoil when Lara Jean didn’t get into her top choice to continue her perfect life with Peter. I think it is important for girls of this age to see that you need to go where you will be the most happy. I have met so many people who followed their girlfriend or boyfriend to a school just to end up breaking up and being stuck in a place they don’t care about. I loved when Lara Jean and Chris went down to visit UNC on a whim and had a crazy night together – I feel like we don’t get to see many friendship interactions between them in the book since Chris is always out being crazy.

This book immediately drew me in the the whimsical cover with the promise of luck & fortune. This book was cute but it fell flat – I think the budding relationship between Natalie and Daniel could have been more developed. Despite the romantic relationship being a flop, the relationships between the other characters were very interesting! This was my first “magic realism” book and. I loved the prospect of certain foods having specific healing qualities.

I read this book for the subtle asian book club this month! I had high expectations for this book since a lot of people were very hyped about it. The premise is interesting – essentially it is about a camp that children are sent to to learn more about their culture (hopefully…). But there were some aspects that really bothered me:
**Spoiler** First of all, after Ever found out that Xavier was the person who was drawing the beautiful pictures of her, there was no other mention of the pictures after that! I thought she would be more touched and give Xavier maybe some more consideration. Also after Sophie released those pictures of her and they welcomed her back later on – what the heck! After all the humiliation she gave Ever she didn’t get any repercussions for it! Then at the end when Ever was kind of hanging out with Xavier then Rick came back and she straight up ditched him. I felt really bad for Xavier. Wouldn’t you also be suspicious if the guy you’re interested in dumped his girlfriend of 2 years after just meeting you for a couple weeks?? There was just so much wrong with this book that should have been fixed. I loved the representation presented in this book. I also liked how we saw Ever’s parents fiercely deny her of what she truly wanted to do with her life but she fought for it in the end. I enjoyed watching Ever grow up and blossom into her own woman. Check out the mood board I made for this book.

This was my first Tawna Fenske book and I definitely enjoyed it! I have never heard of a smokejumper before this book but they made them sound quite hot 😏🔥 Willa has a rule that she will only go out with someone two times until she breaks it off. She is essentially married to her work and has to devote every day to pleasing clients. After going on a date with Grady everything seemed to change – they fix together perfectly – they were content just sitting home and eating pizza. So they both started dreading their second date since that would make it seem like it was over. They kept seeing each other but don’t call their outings “dates” to get around the rule. What I enjoyed most about this book was that Willa and Grady helped fix each others faults – Willa helped Grady by teaching him to look at the future instead of being scared of it. While Grady helped Willa by teaching her that she needs to take time to herself and can’t have clients dictate her whole life. Check out my mood board I made for this book.

This is another series I have heard only excellent things about and it definitely stands up to the hype! From the beginning of the story you are enthralled with Sydney and Brian and it only gets better and hotter as the story goes on.

This is the 2nd book in J. Daniels’ Dirty Deeds series. I enjoyed the first one more because of the immediate connection with Sydney and Brian. This story is about Sydney’s best friend Tori, who similarly to Sydney was screwed over by a guy as well. Brian’s best friend Jamie is trying to break down Tori’s walls and to get her to admit that she likes him. It was still a great and sexy book but it was hard to compare to the first one!

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