WWW Wednesday 6

What I am currently reading

You Were There Too by Colleen Oakley
I was lucky enough to receive an ARC for this book from edelweiss+. The premise of this book is really interesting – it’s about a woman named Mia who is going through a period in her life where she is having difficulties maintaining a pregnancy and feeling at home in her new town. Since college a man she has never met keeps showing up in her dreams, especially during periods of turbulence in her life. What does it mean when she actually meets him in real life?
Winter (4 Lunar Chronicles) by Marissa Meyer
I finished the 3rd book in this series (Cress) back in October and I decided that I should finish up this series! This book is quite daunting being over 800 pages. I think listening to the book will make it more manageable! I am only an hour or so in but it was already easy to follow and quite an adventure!

What I recently finished

The Girl He Used to Know by Tracey Garvis-Graves & Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren
This month I have read 4 books with a similar format this month – where they have past and present day scenarios. I do like stories like this because it gives you an idea of exactly what happened with characters in the past.

The Girl He Used to Know is about a woman named Annika (I love her name❤️) who falls in love and figures out what she needs to do in order to be independent. Also by having a high-functioning autistic character, it opened my eyes to how difficult social situations can be for these people.

It’s like everyone around you has a copy of the script of life, but no one gave it to you so you have to go in blind and hop you can muddle your way through. And you’ll be wrong most of the time.

The Girl He Used to Know, Page 161

Love and Other Words was one of those audiobooks that you find any excuse to listen to because you just can’t stop until it’s finished. It’s similar to The Girl He Used to Know because a couple that was deeply in love are meeting again. But in this situation, the hesitation for reuniting has to do with a tragic situation that happened when they were young.

What I am reading next

What am I watching now

Chocolate (Kdrama)

After being bored while watching When the Camellia Blooms (Kdrama) I am happy to be watching Chocolate. There’s still wailing and crying every episode but It’s very touching.

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