Twenty Twenty Goals

Having goals is the best way to elevate your life and become the best person you can be.

Book/Blog related

  • Read 150 books2019 was seriously the year of READING for me. In 2018 my goal was 20 books and I read 20. So in 2019 I decided to make my goal 25 books. I read 94 books this year. How did this even happen?? Starting in May I just became obsessed. Plus in July I started listening to audiobooks through my library. I got really bored with netflix shows so I would just read in my spare time. I am so proud of myself after this year and I have upped it to 150 this year!
  • Blog at least once a week – I was so upset that I went from September to November without writing anything. After retreating myself from social media accounts I want to make this the main part that I am on. I feel like I can more of myself on here and share with more likeminded people without being superficial.
  • Make my blog a reflection of myself – By writing more than just about books. I want to do more in depth posts on dramas, traveling, medical school, cooking, and life in general.


  • Train and run a 1/2 marathon – I have always been more of a lifting weights/HIIT workout kind of person but I have always wanted to run in a race. I volunteered at the NYC Marathon as a medical volunteer this last November and it was really inspiring seeing the participants at the finish line. I want to have that kind of accomplishment!
  • Practice languages (Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese) Daily – This always ends up going on the back burner when school picks up then it is much difficult to pick up where I left off. Even if I just did 10 minutes a day of review, it will keep the language fresh in my head.
  • Remove myself more from social media – Definitely snapchat next. I don’t feel joy when I watch peoples stories on there anyways.
  • Call family more – It’s hard when life gets in the way but I want to at least call every 1-2 weeks. It really hit me when u started to call my grandpa more last year. Nobody is getting younger so you need to cherish them while they’re still around.
  • Read academic journal articles (ideally 3 a week) – It’s important to keep reading and learning!
  • Publish an academic paper – Working on this currently!
  • Present a poster at an academic conference – Is in the works!

Thank you for taking the time to read my goals! What goals did you set for the new year?

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