REVIEW: Across the Universe // A journey to a new life

Across the Universe (Across the Universe #1) by Beth Revis
Duration: 399 pages
Format: audiobook
Genre: YA, Sci-Fi
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

WARNING: Some spoilers


This book starts with Amy and her parents being frozen in cryochambers in the hope to help cultivate a new planet to life. They are put on a spaceship called Godspeed to spend 300 years traveling through space to this new place.

There has been several generations on the ship – made up of a race of people who all have similar characteristics. Everything is orderly – generations are born at the same time and the generations all live and die together. The leader of the ship is named Eldest and his next-in-line is named Elder.

Elder was talking to someone else on the ship who had a suspicion that there was a hidden level on the ship. So, Elder took it upon himself to check it out. This is when he found all of the frozen bodies in cryochambers.

Soon after one of the bodies was found to be thawing. Luckily, Elder and the Doctor were able to get her out of the liquid and she completely thawed and lived. Amy was the one who came back alive about 50 years too early. She is starkly different form the population on the ship with bright red hair and green eyes. She is in shock to find out that she was thawed early and her parents are still in their cryochambers. Eldest doesn’t make it any easier for her by telling the whole ship that she is crazy.

The rest of the story is focused on finding out who is thawing the bodies? And why are they doing that? Will they really make it to the new planet in 50 years?


Cover: The cover is definitely eye-catching with the beauty of space, Amy, and Elder. In the story there is some romance between them but it is confusing for both of them. I hope there is more in the future books!

Plot: The premise of this story is really interesting. At first I was drawn to what it was like being in a cryochamber. I always assumed you were just asleep – kind of like when you are sedated for surgery. But, with Amy it seemed that her mind was pretty lively for all of those years despite being frozen. Then when you experience Eldest training Elder and telling him how they were able to prevent war with each other – I found that fascinating too. This story is very different from anything I have read before.

Characters: The characters in this story definitely keep things interesting. Even seeing how the “normal” people in Godspeed act by having no emotions and mating at certain times is fascinating. You can feel Amy’s frustration when she finds out that she’s not at the planet yet but she somehow kind of comes to turn with it. The dynamics between Eldest and. Elder are interesting too – especially how Eldest can make everyone on the ship essentially worship him.

Overall: I really enjoyed listening to this book and look forward to reading more in the future! It was a really unique plot with enjoyable characters throughout the story. The twists and turns kept the story interesting and enjoyable.


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